Dominating My Goal For A Healthy Life

Being healthy is a goal of mine. A few years ago, if someone were to ask me if I worked out I would have laughed. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted and never worked out. I became a vegetarian 2 years ago because I didn’t feel healthy and realized it came on after I would eat meat. I started to pay more attention to my body and what it really wanted.

More recently, I have cut out dairy. I am not vegan, although most days I tend to eat that way. When the kids started school, I began working out everyday. (except the weekends) I see and feel the change in my body. It didn’t happen over night and takes a lot of self motivation and discipline daily. There are days I don’t want to work out and I want chocolate truffles so I eat them! I don’t deprive myself, at least I try not too. I now enjoy working out and can’t wait to get my workout in first thing after the kids are gone.

I don’t do this for Travis or anyone else. I do it for me. Because I want to feel good about the way I look and I want my body to feel good too.

You don’t have to be thin to love the way you look, especially if your body feels fabulous on the inside. It’s all about what your body is telling you and picking up on that. Women have a tremendous amount of pressure, from other women and society, to look a certain way. If looking a certain way means starving yourself or not giving your body what it needs and not being happy, is that really what you want? I don’t.

For me, it’s about my stomach feeling good everyday. Not having cramping from eating the wrong things for my body. The wrong things for my body aren’t the wrong things for someone elses body.

Be beautiful in your own way. Do it for yourself. This is not a resolution but a life long goal. A goal of living a long, healthy, fabulous life one day at a time!

Happy Friday My Friends


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