Dominating Monday!

When Monday rolls around, do you grab it by the balls and show it whose boss? Or do you loathe your alarm going off and getting back to work?

One way will set you up for a positive, awesome week. The other way begins negatively and will most likely end negatively. I grab every day by the balls and show it whose boss. Whether I’m getting stung by bees, dealing with my always sick daughter, listening to the attitude that radiates from my pubescent tween that has found its way to my 7-year-old, or just sitting around hanging out. Every day is MINE!

We were gone for the weekend swimming, staying up late (as per our usual lately) and having a great time. Today it’s back to Yoga for me (I’m secretly screaming “Woot-Woot” on the inside), swim for Levi and work for Travis. I have appointments to change and make and important phone calls/emails to send.

It’s Monday!

Time for me to get my shit together and stop being so lax on the kids. Time to finish projects I have started and begin some others. Time to write. Not just my blog but in my journal, letters, cards, thoughts and ideas. Just write. Time to throw more “stuff” away and clear some clutter from our lives and our house.

I can already hear my kids bitching and complaining about doing anything I ask them that doesn’t consist of swimming, video games or eating. Who am I kidding. I hear my kids bitching constantly! Maybe it’s just summer vacation getting to me. Maybe it’s my kids really bitching about stupid shit. Either way, I hear them but choose not to listen which really pisses them off!

I don’t care what happens today. Nothing can stop me from dominating this day, this week, this life!

Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. You get to choose how you feel. Why would you choose anything but Awesome!?

Happy Monday My Friends


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