Does Painting Count As Exercise?

Today is going to be a long day. Yoga, Swim and Therapy followed by some much-needed grocery shopping.

I can see the kids heads spinning and hear the fighting already!

Yesterday, we started painting upstairs again. We have a couple of rooms to paint and to move things around. If I have to stay here for another year (let’s hope that’s all Texas has us for) then I need to change some things up. I am considering getting rid of the toy room altogether and just putting what toys they do play with in the loft….This would require the purchase of more wall units with bins but could be worth it in the long run. Both kids are getting to the age where they hardly play with any of the toys we have unless kids are over and that seems to be rare since moving here. I have already depleted what toys they have by a lot!

This was the kids contribution yesterday.

Thankfully, this room is no longer pink and brown. Off-white all around! It seems like every room is a different color in this house, with the hallways having 3 different colors running down them. We are going to even that up, freshen up the space and make it look great for when it’s our time to sell.

 I’m working on the music room and new guest room first. They only require paint and moving items from one room to another. It’s really not that bad. Just adding a little more to my schedule!

Being busy has always been what I like to be but being busy doing things for my house, my yard and my family is my niche. It’s what I have always loved doing. As a stay at home parent I have focused on doing as much as I can when Travis is away. I don’t want him to come home and have to do the many jobs that need to be done when I am capable of doing them. I want him to come home and be able to spend time with us because those jobs are done or mostly done.

I can’t finish painting until the weekend simply because time is not on my side these next couple of days. But that’s OK. It will still be there!

Do what makes you happy!

Happy Thursday My Friends



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