It has been a week since my surgery and things are healing nicely. My follow-up went well and I was relieved to have the drainage tube removed! I was surprised how far it was up in my breast and should have got the doc pulling it out on video! It felt like it was a foot long. Really, it was about 7 inches which is still crazy! I am still not permitted to do ANYTHING! This is going to kill me! I have at least 3 more weeks of this and then I see the doc again. I can not swim, push the vacuum, lift anything substantial or drink copious amounts of alcohol. He just doesn’t want me to have any fun!

Little does he know we took the kids to the water park yesterday! Take that doc! It actually sucked and I shouldn’t have gone. We paid extra money to get a cabana so I could sit in the shade and watch Delylah from there. I got up every now and then to walk in the water since I can’t get my incisions wet with pee filled pool water. Really, I just sweat all over my incisions and couldn’t wait until we left. But the kids had a fantastic time and have been dying to go since we moved here. We have to drive by the water park every time we go to my doctors so they would be sure to ask none stop about when we would be frequenting the establishment. That annoyance is out-of-the-way now.

Travis is heading back to work today. He is like the doc. Won’t let me do anything! Really though, it has been so nice having him here to help. It’s frustrating that I can’t do things. It’s wonderful knowing that when I am down and out my partner has my back and has everything handled. From dishes to meals, to laundry and bath time. It has been as relaxing as I’ve allowed because this is hard for me and it’s going to be hard the next few days while he’s gone for me to do nothing. Luckily, we have kids that are capable of doing just about everything! They have actually been a big help already and I’m sure won’t mind continuing to do so….Maybe.

Life is what you make it.

Happy Friday My Friends



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