Dinning With Highs and Lows

I sit here in the silence with sleeping babes strewn across my house. It is peaceful. I am carefree in knowing they are all safe.

About a year or so ago I had written a sign for the dinning table of rules/manners that were expected of you. After my kids got the basics down we would always sit down and ask each other how anothers day was. The kids liked it and would love to ask and to tell about their days. There would be no interruptions and everyone got their turn to speak and ask questions.

Then I was at my Aunts house for a get together and she had told me how they used to do High/Lows at the dinner table. I thought this was a great idea and we started to incorporate that when we have dinner. High/Lows are also without interruptions. Each person takes turns saying what the lowest point of their day was. It could be their awful sandwich at lunch or that their brother yelled at them. Anything. Then they say their highest point of the day. My kids really enjoy doing this and when their friends are here for dinner or our friends we have everyone go around the table and do it.

Last night Levi’s buddy stayed with us and we did High/Lows at dinner. It’s always amazing to find out what was their Low and High points of the day. His buddy had no problem joining in and understood the concept right away! Yesterday was such a good day (even homeschooling) and they all had the same high point. Which was awesome! That showed me how much they all get along and can play so well together. Their Low points were all different but that’s to be expected!

It gets the kids thinking about their day that they couldn’t remember 5 minutes ago but all of sudden all the good, bad and ugly has come back!

If you’re looking for something to add to your dinner table conversation whether you have kids or not, give it a try. You might surprise yourself with your answers!

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