Dinner Time Thoughts With Kids

Sometimes, not always, I go out of my way and make a big healthy meal for the family. Not last night. Last night Delylah helped make chicken strips from her awesome little cook book she got for christmas and I made some side dishes. Of course Levi wouldn’t eat the damn chicken because his sister made it. Damn kids. That brings me back to dinner in general and some thoughts I have during that time whether we are out, at a friends or at home.

How can you not like something that was your favorite last week? Last week I know you said “Mom’s mac and cheese is my favorite.” When I make it this week you barely touch it and tell me you don’t like it. When I like some type of food and declare it my favorite you can dump a truck load of it in my mouth!

You think your food smells bad? What could make someone stick their nose into their lasagna and make a face like they just stuck their face into a pile of poop!? What the hell makes your pizza smell yucky? It’s bread, cheese and sauce!

How are you full after just 3 bites? Minutes before dinner you were starving. Then I make dinner, you have 3 bites and you’re full? Bull Shit! I just cooked that for you and you’re going to eat it because you’re starving!!!!!!

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m actually picking through your meal for ever microscopic piece of oregano and chopped carrots because they are orange and green and you’re a picky eater. You cry for a new meal because there’s green stuff in it! But I just want you to eat so I go through your food like a surgeon removing all the unwanted crap!

Please do not tell me to let them be done when they haven’t eaten anything. I hear you…whatever family member is over, I do. But when they skip breakfast and turn into the hulk and you’re not around for it, I don’t need you to tell me it’s ok for them to skip their meal. Or later because they didn’t eat their dinner they are begging and crying for food right before bed and you won’t be here to make it for them. So NO, we won’t be letting them not eat!

Despite the meal time drama (only occurs 50% of the time) I will keep going. I’ll keep making them healthy or semi healthy meals until I no longer have to feed them and I will continue to plead them to eat said meals. Years from now when my kids come back home and complain about how their kids won’t eat, I’ll remind them of how damn picky they were and how I begged them to eat.


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