Digging Deep For Thankfulness

Sometimes the things I am thankful for, I really have to dig deep for.

I have a doctors appointments today but also have obligations to stand in for daddy who is missing Daddy and Donuts Day at school. I am thankful that the school and the doctor’s office aren’t far from each other. I can spend quality time with Delylah not missing anything and not worry about missing my appointment.

Medication. I began taking my migraine medication more regularly. I had been weaning myself off for a while because I disliked taking pills everyday. The realization is, I need them. I’m probably going to need other meds too. I’m thankful I have it. Without it I would be having TIA’s all the time and be unable to take care of my family.

Everyday my kids go to school and I have time to myself. This is good and bad. The good part is that I can go through their clothes, toys and other things and get rid of what I want without them complaining about what I want to get rid of. They don’t play with even half of what we have anyways. I started this yesterday and filled up 3 big bags!

Warmer weather. Although, that’s leaving us now. It was nice while it lasted. I was even laying out by the pool. The cold snap won’t last long and the warmth will back again. I know the summer will be brutal but we have a pool and the heat never really bothered me all that much. I enjoy being outside, laying out and soaking up the sun.

I have been looking for new curtains for my living room. Instead of painting a wall or buying a new piece of furniture to change the way the living the room looks I want to buy curtains. I’m actually thankful I haven’t found the right ones. I thought I wanted something similar to what was in my old house. But I’m just holding on to that. I’m glad they didn’t ever have enough panels or the color wasn’t just right. I think it was a sign.

Even if you have to dig deep, what are you thankful for?


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