Deranged Family Types

As much as I love my family, being able to get a FULL nights sleep last night was awesome. Going to bed at 9 and waking up at 6 was much needed. Considering my usual bedtime is about 10 and we were up until 1am every night I’d say we needed a good nights sleep.

There are lots of different types of family members in every family. Now that I’ve had tons of them at my house for the entire weekend I’ve decided to break it down for you and you can see if it fits for your family too.

The Talker-(usually me but we have many) Always interrupting, Talks to everyone.

The Sarcastic One- Trying to be funny but everything they say is sarcastic….

The Klepto- Can’t leave your house without one of your precious items and hopes you don’t find out. (it’s a game but they still took your shit)

The Emotional- Everything is symbolic in one way or another. What you say, what you do and somebody is emotional about something or everything.

The I’m just here. I don’t care – Ya, be lucky they came. They are just here, they don’t care…

The Drinkers- We have a lot of these. Letting loose, having fun, usually making a mess.

The Responsible Ones- They clean up, make sure kids are alright, try to keep the language clean.

The Cooks- They cook but don’t eat dinner since they cooked and mingle with everybody!

The Disappearers- They were here, you saw them. But the disappeared. They reappear at times but are gone just as quick.

The Quiet Ones- They observe the chaos and secretly can not wait to leave!

Every family has many types of family members. I know we do. We have tons more but unfortunately some couldn’t make it this year. There’s always next year to get together with our deranged family!

What types of family members are you getting together with this holiday season?


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