Cooking Off My Volunteer Status

 It has been a busy week since last Wednesday. We have family visiting and our days have been full and our nights have been late. Friday was the Chili Cook Off and Hoe Down at Delylahs school. She really wanted to me to make my chili and join in the hoedown so I appeased her request. Little did I know at the time that you would be judged on your booth décor as well as your chili.

I never volunteer for things at school for a reason. It is madness! Getting everything ready, setting it all up and then being a people person for hours when you know absolutely no one, is a lot of effort. Needless to say, I was exhausted when I started and was even more so when it was all done.

Some of the people there with their chili have been coming every year. They are seasoned vets at this point. I honestly have no idea how they do it. I felt like I was ready to go home right after I got there. Most everyone is pretty friendly but you do get those looks from a few people like I am a crazy person. If I’m going to be a people person, I’m not holding back and I’m going to people person the shit out of you!

I decorated my booth in Chili Hoedown fashion. I made most of my decorations myself, which took forever! Apparently, they wanted something “Texas Hoedown” themed though and I was way off. The booth decorated all Texans to the hilt took home the glory of the bragging rights and brand new apron!

The kids had a great time and people came back after tasting my chili telling me how much they loved it and loved my booth. They were coming back for seconds or for more cookies. Looking back on it, it was actually pretty fun. It just happened to be a lot of work! I could have done less. I could have made less things for my booth but when we do things in this family you do them big and you do them right or you don’t do them at all!

I just know that volunteering at school is not my thing. The pressure can be explosive! Yet, here I am doing it again on Thursday…..I might be crazy! But I have vowed to not doing it again for the rest of the year. Like that matters, the year is almost over!

All in all, I’d say it was a success. There was minimal crying from Delylah. Levi found a buddy there and I made it through the night!


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