Cleaning, Yoga and Volcanoes!!!

I woke up yesterday and BAM, it’s my turn. I have been so consumed with making sure Delylah takes her allergy meds and Levi takes his vitamins that it never occurred to me to take care of myself. My allergies are in full force and I knew they would be. The doctor warned me. Now I am medicated, herbalated (that’s not a word I just made it up) and hopefully ready for another day!

Yesterday I had the daunting task of cleaning our bathroom shower. It has a vinyl bottom and tile sides. It was never taken care of well by previous owners and we can not wait to tear it out. Of course, that has to wait a little while longer. Bleaching, scrubbing and getting down to some classic rock took over an hour but it is clean! Today I get to tear out the caulking and try to make it look pretty again until the days when I get to take a sludge hammer to it!

Yesterday was also my first yoga class. I didn’t think I would be sore today from yoga. But I worked out in the morning and took care of the shower so maybe that has something to do with it as well? I don’t know. But I liked it and I’m going again today. I get a free week so I’m trying out a few different instructors and a few different classes they offer there. I’m hoping for some stress/anxiety relief and to learn some meditation techniques. Maybe it will be my new thing.

Over the weekend we made a volcano just because we could. It was raining and we were stuck indoors and we were bored. When I was a kid, every kid made a volcano for science or there was a group project that included making one. Now they don’t do that anymore. Levi got to make one the year that I homeschooled him and it was super fun. This was Delylah’s idea, my crazy 7-year-old and we all had fun making it! We painted it yesterday and will add some finishing touches today. Once Travis gets home tomorrow we will make it erupt!

We have a busy week upon us. School stuff, Doctor/Dentist appointments, gymnastics and now a soccer parent clinic. Either I’m going to be so busy like I used to be that I won’t have time to be depressed anymore or I’m going to make it worse. Time will tell.

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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