Christmas Well Spent

There is no denying that Christmas was different for us this year. But it was still so great and filled with love. Delylah was up at 6 am and ready to open gifts, excited that Santa had made his visit to our house. Levi needed a little more coaxing to wake up and get the day going. Once that happened, our day was amazing!

Santa didn’t bring loads of gifts like he has done in the past. My kids hardly ask for much these days. The things they wanted were well thought of and had more meaning and use for them. It’s nice to see presents not in their boxes anymore and being played with. We made a wonderful ham dinner from one of the pigs we had raised and watched movies while playing with all our new stuff! I’d say Delylah’s “Hatchimal” and Levi’s bean bag bed and Oculus were the hits on gifts.

Yesterday was clean up. Some years I wait to get rid of Christmas from my house but not this year. I was excited to have my house back in order and clean! It didn’t take very long and Travis even got the tree back in the box it came in! After all was cleaned up we headed to an arcade/laser tag/bowling place and spent hours playing games and having fun! Hearing our kids say “Thank you so much for bringing us here,” right after we arrived there showed me how much they appreciate what we can do for them.

The night ended with lighting off fireworks in the driveway! The kids had a blast while we pissed off some of the neighbors.

I am so thankful that we have been blessed with such a wonderful life. Travis is a hard worker, great dad and husband. I try my best to be a good home maker, wife and mother and our kids are great at their jobs. Bickering, fighting, loving just as hard as they can fight and just being our kids!

How was your Christmas?

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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