Cheap And Free Things To Do This Summer

It’s Summer Break for most kids. You want to do things with your kids that don’t cost an arm and a leg and you want to have fun. My kids would rather watch T.V, play video games and never leave our pool but it’s healthy to leave our house.

I have been searching for things to do that are super cheap or FREE even! I came across quite a few things and being the generous person I am, I thought I would share.

Go To A Park – We have one in our community but that’s not the one we go to. There is another park 10 minutes from here with a skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts, frisbee golf, soccer fields and a nice sized playground. I don’t need to pay for a key to get in. We can pack a lunch, fly some kites and cry about how hot it is while we play.

Kids Bowl Free – I happened to be looking at bowling alleys and most of them have certain days when kids bowl free! You have to sign up online ahead of time but it’s worth it.

Zoo’s and Museum’s Have A Free Day – Here it’s Thursday or Friday I think. The kids get in free to Museum’s. My kids are into Museum’s so this is awesome!

Head To The Beach – We have yet to do that where we live because the water quality there is terrible. But I so badly want to pack up for the day and head to the beach. My kids love the beach! Seashell hunting, sand castle building, chasing birds, lying on a beach.

Go For A Hike – But make it fun and create a scavenger hunt. Give the kids a bag with a list of things they need to try to find that can either fit in the bag or that they just check off.

Create Obstacle Courses – We have a bunch of stuff in our back yard that we could use to create an obstacle course. It’s free and it’s fun!

Make Homemade Ice Cream – Everyone in the kitchen together making Ice Cream. It’s pretty easy and the items needed are pretty cheap. Here is a recipe for Ice Cream without an Ice Cream maker → Yummy Home Made Ice Cream

Put On A Puppet Show – First you have to make the puppets. Paper bags, socks, whatever you have handy. Then put on a show!

Let Your Kids Take Pictures – Give them a camera and have them take pictures of nature. Go through them when they’re done and let them tell you all about it. Even better, print them and let them make a book out it. Their Summer Adventures!

The Pool – We have a pool so this one is easy for us. And most places have a YMCA where it’s cheap to join.

Have A Hula Hoop Contest – Delylah and I just did this. She beat me but I think she practices all day long!

Have A Dance Party – My kids like doing this. We just did it the other night! They really like music from the 50’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Concert In The Park – Some are free and some can be as cheap as $5.

Go For A Bike Ride

Arts and Crafts – Make jewelry. Make boats out of juice cartons. Paint. Make slime. Play with paper mache.

Go Camping – This is cheap if you take food from your house and you have camping equipment. All you really have to pay for is your spot and some places are $18 a night. Or just camp in the back yard! CAMPOUT!

No matter what you do, your kids will still be bored. Sometimes just letting them be bored is when the greatness happens. During those unplanned moments where the creativity, spontaneity and absolute magic of summer tends to happen. Where the best and most long-lasting memories are made.

Good Luck and Happy Summer!


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