Changing Things Up

Today is the last day of school for two and half weeks! I am thrilled to have my kids home for so long and even more so because Travis will be home tonight for a week and a half! He usually misses a lot of the kids breaks from school, so this is going to be awesome! We usually have major plans during this time. Christmas parties and hanging with friends. Christmas Eve Traditions with family. But this year is going to be a bit different.

We are making some plans, because if you know us, we apparently like to stay busy and be run ragged. Every year in California I would take my kids somewhere to see Christmas Lights. We would walk the street, drink hot chocolate and go to dinner. (Partly because we had to drive an hour just to go see them) We have been looking up places around here we can do that. I’m sure it will be just as busy with no parking, as it was in California. Apparently, everyone loves to see some good Christmas Decorations!

Travis heard from a neighbor about the Polar Express that isn’t too far from here either. Then, when I volunteered at school yesterday, most of the kids were talking about how they went and got a bell from Santa! We may or may not do this, but it sounds like Delylah would love it!

I want to go to the zoo. Travis hasn’t gone with us since we got our zoo passes (not that we have gone that many times) and they decorate the zoo with lights for the holiday. I think it would be fun and it’s technically free for us. I bet Santa will be there too!

The weather has been changing here. One day it’s cold, the next it’s humid and crappy. If we can get a good day out of the next couple of weeks, I would like to take my kids to the drive in! They have never been and I always loved going with my dad as a kid. It would be the cheapest 2 movies we have ever seen on a big screen! Hopefully, I can talk them all into it!

We talked about Christmas caroling. Some people have no one during the holidays. Even hearing an out of tune, out of harmony, totally crappy bunch of singers, could brighten your holidays. After all, it’s not about the singing. It’s about the effort made to go door to door before Christmas. Not sure that this will happen but it’s something we have been thinking about.

Our lives have changed and our family is far. I know that one year when Delylah is a little older, we will make it back for Christmas eve. This is only our first year alone and we are going to make the best of it.

What are some of your holiday traditions??

Happy Friday My Friends


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