After a good nights sleep (finally) I wake up and the weather has changed. It’s cold outside and windy. Living in Anza has proven to always have un predictable weather. Four years ago there was snow at this time! Crazy! I was enjoying the nice warm weather, playing outside with the kids, riding bikes and BAM! Now we have to bundle up and stay inside. Knowing Anza though, it will be warm again in a week.

I began packing for the “unknown.” We still have no idea where we are going with Travis’ job but we know we will be going somewhere. Any box I get, gets packed full right away. I can’t imagine moving this stuff across some states but people do it all the time. We will persevere. Besides getting some things packed that aren’t useful right now, we have been keeping things pretty normal for the kids. Always having friends over, sticking to our routine and just staying busy.

I am actually excited to be moving. It will be extremely weird being in another place having grown up here but it will be a change. Everyone needs to change sometimes.

Today I am going to kick start my day with a smile and show it how optimistic I can be!


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