Change Is A Good Thing

Anybody who knows me or my family knows that we have had some struggles with our oldest. For 3 years we have gone to therapy, tried crap that we read in books and basically tried anything that we googled.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s not in public school anymore or if we started Krav or using essential oils or just everything combined. But he has changed so much in the past 4 months it’s astounding! Also it’s something I’ve been hoping for and waiting on for a very long time.

He was angry and would get upset over the silliest of things. He didn’t want to hug me, hold my hand and would certainly never give me a kiss in public or at home.

Now he rarely gets upset and when he does he doesn’t explode like the HULK. He will hold my hand walking into and around any place. He hugs me out of the blue and he’ll give me a kiss in front of people. All things he hasn’t done since he was 7!

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The pic on the left is 4th grade, age 9. The pic on the right is age 8 on our family vacation. He looks thrilled!


But now this is what we see!

This tells me, that hard decision I had to make to pull him from school was the right decision. This tells me that all the money I spend on Krav (it’s a lot) is so worth it. And that all these years of therapy have helped. Not just him but me too!

I couldn’t decide for over a year if it was the right thing, pulling him out of school but the difference in him proves to me that it is.

When we see family and they tell me how amazing it is to see him smile again, I know I’m doing the right thing!

Yes, I don’t have much time in my day to chat on the phone anymore or work in the yard. But I get to help my son be happy! I get the opportunity that most parents don’t. To see their kid change before their eyes. Instead of him being taught by someone else, I am teaching him and we are learning together.

He is saying please and thank you more instead of grunting and groaning when being reminded to. And Yes Ma’am and Yes sir.

Don’t get me wrong. He still has his groany moments but they aren’t over the things they used to be. It’s when math is hard but I’m there to help and we move on. It’s when kids are mean to him and he feels like nobody is listening. Because of everything we have gone through and everything we have done to help him, I am more aware of what really bothers him.

I am so thankful that I have this opportunity and with him smiling and being happy I know I made the right decision.


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