I am implementing Champagne Thursday into my life. Being lonely has done that for me. Last week was the first Champagne Thursday and of course it was just me and the kids. Not to worry, they didn’t have any champagne with me. This week I will get to have Champagne Thursday with Travis! Yay for adult conversation!

I am so glad he is home. We went grocery shopping for the first time yesterday. It was about time. I had only been getting what we needed, which got us by just fine but it will be nice not to venture out to the grocery store again for a while. He is going to help me hang up some pictures on my high ceilings that I can’t reach. The house is coming together and soon I will be posting pictures of it….hopefully without a mess. We get to move and separate the last of the boxes today that are in the garage. It should be easy. A lot of them are holiday decorations and costumes. I am excited to be done and hoping it only takes a couple more weeks.

I’ve been looking at places to go hiking. Hopefully I can get the family out to do that. There is no way to get acclimated to the humidity like throwing yourself into it with a little hiking!

Champagne Thursday isn’t taking over Thankful Thursday. I always have things to the thankful for. Today I am thankful I get to share Champagne Thursday with Travis!!

Happy Thursday Everyone



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