Today we celebrate many things!

My first born child turns 12! I can almost not believe that I have a 12 year old. Some days I feel to young to have a 12 year old and other days I feel like he has aged me greatly. Together, we continue to teach each other about life challenges and how to get through them. He may know exactly how to push my buttons and drive me crazy but he continues to make me proud everyday! His intense anger is still there but his vigorous remorse is even greater as he gets older. Once you get the love from him, you will always have it no matter how angry he gets.

He is a 7th grader. He is overcoming the obstacle of social anxiety and joined the swim team. His first day he wanted to quit. His second day he thought it was the greatest thing ever. He hates Texas. Not because it’s Texas but because he hasn’t met too many nice kids and he misses his family and friends in California. He loves video games and You Tube. He can draw things I wish I could. He is the size of a small man! He is independent, honest and trustworthy.

Apparently, we did something right!

Today is also the day we arrived in Texas last year! We have officially been in this house for 1 whole year. Things have been difficult but we have over come. We have painted and fixed up a couple of rooms and tried hard to make this house feel like home. We still have a ways to go. We just keep living this life one day at a time!

Happy 12th Birthday to My Handsome Big Man and Happy 1 Year To Us On Our Life In Texas!


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