Cats Are Not My Favorite!

We were out-of-town for a few days and are finally back home. We went back to California to visit and be with family after the unexpected passing of my Uncle. It was an exhausting trip and I am glad we went.

What I’m not glad about is owning cats. Sorry for all of you cat lovers out there but if you really own a cat and go anywhere, ever, than you will understand. We had someone go to our house everyday to clean the cat box and feed our dogs. I knew it would be a mess in the house because of them but dang. Let me tell you what it’s like owning cats….

They act like they own your house. Whether you’re home or not, it’s their house. Not yours. They will do what they want and go where they please no matter what. I can not stand it!

I don’t know how but they manage to track kitty litter everywhere! The litter box is down stairs and I will be vacuuming kitty litter upstairs and all over. As soon as I’m done vacuuming and turn around, it’s all over the floor again. It’s like a magnet to where ever I don’t want it to be!

One of my cats sheds. ALL THE TIME! It’s hair is everywhere because the damn cat is everywhere. Don’t bother wearing black at my house.

They never have enough attention. I am at the point in my parenting career where my kids don’t require or want my attention hardly ever. I don’t have to give it out and sometimes I don’t want to. But with these damn cats, they can never get enough attention. Pet me, Let me rub all over you. Can you hear me meowing?! It’s seriously worse than having a toddler.

They get into everything. The pantry. The dog treats. The trash. The sink. The shower. They make sure to leave their mark all over their territory letting any human  near know that this is ALL theirs. Not yours.

I guess you could say, I’m not a cat person. The best and probably only good thing I can think about owning these cats is that we never have mice, bugs or any other critters in the house. Cats have a personality all their own. A personality that clashes with mine.

If you own cats, are they like mine? Ass Holes?!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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