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Face It, Kids Are Loveable Ass Holes

We had quite a weekend!

I love watching kids play and being nice to each other but let’s face it, that only happens 30% of the time if we are lucky. The moment that you take them out of the house for a little change they act even worse and begin to put their hands on each other so they can get attention from anyone who will look their way.

We had some friends over on Saturday. Friends I haven’t seen in 8 years. Their daughter was the flower girl in my wedding and we had grown up together. While we are all swimming, Delylah begins to cry. It was a case of he hit me so I hit her back and she is over dramatic because I know she can beat up her brother if she really wanted to. At this point, they both get punished with just saying I’m sorry and a warning that if it happens again they have to get out of the pool. That’s not good enough for Levi who seeks revenge! Why doesn’t she ever get in trouble! Because you hit her back and you’re 5 years older! DUH!

Let me tell you about the groan. UUGGGHHH. If you haven’t heard it from your pubescent kid or your growing drama queen, you soon will and it will drive you nuts! All I asked was for him to get his swim trunks on and come to the pool. UUGGGHHHH! So much groaning. You would think he was part animal. Of course, when he gets in the pool he’s happy as can be. Thanks for all the troubles kid!

Frequenting stores with kids, I have a 50/50 chance of them being ass holes to each other just for attention. Like, look at me pulling my sisters hair, annoying the shit out of her just because I can and I think it’s funny. While she cries and then turns around and throat punches him and we are in the check out line. I smile and the clerk looks at me with sympathy but also like why they hell does this lady have kids. Yes, those are my Beastie Hellions. No, they don’t normally act like this but they want you to look at them and they have succeeded. They won. That’s what matters to them. React like a crazy person and you lose. You are just like them and then the clerk knows where they got it from. Breath and usher your children to the car where you can beat them while cursing at them and threatening them with taking away everything they love away if they do it again. And don’t worry. They will do it again!

Do you like clean windows? If you have kids you shouldn’t like clean windows, glass or stainless steel appliances. As soon as I clean any of that, what do my Beasties do? It’s like they pull their pants down and rub their bare butts on it. You specifically say, Don’t touch that because I just cleaned it. That’s your first mistake. That is their in. They begin to act like ninjas to see who can put more smudges on whatever it happens to be first and without getting caught. You begin to wonder….who’s kids are these?

Then there are the times they are the sweetest, most loving to each other and to the people around them. That makes you think, there’s my kids but also whose kids are these?

Levi is always helping the kids who can’t swim. So gentle and kind. No groaning of any sort. Helping them up and down the stairs if they need it. Really, just very helpful and there if they get hurt. Delylah is more playful and protective but doesn’t throw throat punches at every kid who touches her. Just at her brother.

Kids are ass holes. Loveable, compassionate, dramatic, attention seeking ass holes.

Happy Monday My Friends


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What A Fabulous Friday It Will Be!

Waking up with a headache isn’t going to stop today from being FABULOUS! I guess that depends on how bad my headache actually gets but I’ve already popped some Tylenol and it should be kicking in before I know it.

It is Friday and it is Fabulous!

I woke up without an alarm at 6 am! This doesn’t sound Fabulous to most, especially all you other stay at home moms. But we have to be somewhere by 8:30 so this is Fabulous for me!

Today is Delylah’s check up with the ENT. Last time she couldn’t hear out of her right ear. If it’s the same or hardly better we schedule her surgery which will include removal of her tonsils and adenoids but also putting tubes in her ears. If she can hear she won’t get the tubes. I’m thinking that her ear hasn’t cleared up but we shall see. Her appointment today leads to Fabulous things for her!

Levi has been doing great in swim, which is Fabulous but we aren’t going today! I can’t make swim and Delylah’s appointment and honestly I am not upset about it! I don’t think Levi is either. It’s been a busy week since I’m squeezing in yoga before swim. Swim is an hour and a half. Delylah and I sit and play cards for a majority of that time on hard ass bleachers. So, I am feeling Fabulous not having to go for a day!

Yesterday was a long, busy day! Yoga, Swim, Therapy, Costco, Babysitting and Walmart. By the time we were done with all of that it was almost 9 pm and we started at 7 am. Today my only obligation is Delylah’s appointment this morning. It is going to be Fabulous to have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Even if that’s NOTHING!

 Last weekend at Travis’ work party, Levi stepped on my foot in just the right way as to break my toenail off. He has done this before but it was the other foot and a couple of years ago. Then, a couple of days later, I jammed my other foot into the emergency break pedal in my car and peeled up my other toenail. If you’ve ever had someone peel off your nails with a pair of pliers, that’s what it feels like! OUCH! But today, my one toenail is still there just super painful. I guess that’s Fabulous?? It could be worse.

I have to go wake up my kids now and make them get ready. We bought donuts yesterday and we have cinnamon toast crunch. I can bribe my way to good attitudes and cooperation with BHT, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and all the other crap they put in there. No matter how much bad shit is in there, it will get me results! That is Fabulous!

Always look on the brighter side of things.

What is making your Friday Fabulous!?


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Does Painting Count As Exercise?

Today is going to be a long day. Yoga, Swim and Therapy followed by some much-needed grocery shopping.

I can see the kids heads spinning and hear the fighting already!

Yesterday, we started painting upstairs again. We have a couple of rooms to paint and to move things around. If I have to stay here for another year (let’s hope that’s all Texas has us for) then I need to change some things up. I am considering getting rid of the toy room altogether and just putting what toys they do play with in the loft….This would require the purchase of more wall units with bins but could be worth it in the long run. Both kids are getting to the age where they hardly play with any of the toys we have unless kids are over and that seems to be rare since moving here. I have already depleted what toys they have by a lot!

This was the kids contribution yesterday.

Thankfully, this room is no longer pink and brown. Off-white all around! It seems like every room is a different color in this house, with the hallways having 3 different colors running down them. We are going to even that up, freshen up the space and make it look great for when it’s our time to sell.

 I’m working on the music room and new guest room first. They only require paint and moving items from one room to another. It’s really not that bad. Just adding a little more to my schedule!

Being busy has always been what I like to be but being busy doing things for my house, my yard and my family is my niche. It’s what I have always loved doing. As a stay at home parent I have focused on doing as much as I can when Travis is away. I don’t want him to come home and have to do the many jobs that need to be done when I am capable of doing them. I want him to come home and be able to spend time with us because those jobs are done or mostly done.

I can’t finish painting until the weekend simply because time is not on my side these next couple of days. But that’s OK. It will still be there!

Do what makes you happy!

Happy Thursday My Friends



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Taking Care Of Me With Yoga

Yoga went by in the blink of an eye and yesterday!

One minute I was on my mat stretching and learning a new balancing pose and the next moment Shavasana had come and my hour at the studio was over. Just like that!

It was a warm welcome back from the ladies who were all curious about our vacation but also happy to see me back!

Today is another day and as much as I love when the days fly by, at yoga I would like time to stand still. If only for a few moments.

I love going to yoga. Since moving to Texas has been lonely, it has brought on a bit of depression and anxiety. Going to yoga has lightened that load and given me something to look forward to everyday. There are days when I think I can’t do a particular pose. But I tend to think about it like food. You never know if you’re going to like it until you at least give it a try, right? So, how do I know if I can do Svarga Dvijasana (Birds of Paradise) or Tittibhasana (Firefly) if I don’t at least try to do it? When the instructors throw some balance poses in that get my head spinning, of course I give it a try and that makes me thirsty for more. How much further can I get? What else can my body do?

↑ Birds Of Paradise ↑

↑ Firefly ↑

To my surprise, my body can do a lot more! The more I practice and the more patient I am, the more I learn and the more my body can do. Letting go of judgement and expectation. This week I learned to do Bakasana (Fire Crow) and Parsva Bakasana (Twisting Crow or Side Crane). And the week has just started!

The above photos are not me but they are the above poses referenced.

I have been practicing a head stand and have only gotten my legs vertical a few times and only for about 15 seconds but Travis was there to witness it! I love the challenge that it gives me and I love overcoming those challenges. Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

I do yoga at home and at the studio always looking to extend my practice and clear my mind as much as possible.

Our schedule is busy this week since I am making time to re-connect with my mat at the studio. Levi has swim everyday which we have to head to pretty much right when I get home from yoga. We are getting back to therapy and getting Delylah’s surgery scheduled. It will be a busy couple of weeks but we will all benefit from everything we have going on.

Sometimes as a parent you forget to take time for yourself and reconnect with your mind and your body. Feeling guilty for doing so is natural. Being the best YOU, you can be is better for your family than running yourself ragged for them. Take care of YOU!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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