Can Friday Really Be Fabulous???

Can Friday truly be Fabulous?

Our last couple of nights have ended up with an adult size child in our bed with a fever, our usual sick, smaller child in our bed with nightmares, a furry friend acting funny and sleep that evaded us all. Of course this has led to long, tiresome days with attitudes and more messes than usual.

The kids have messed with my phone so much that my alarm never went off yesterday morning and my phone had to be reset. I must have needed the sleep because my body didn’t mind at all but it set my entire day back. My day begins here, with my thoughts and my writing. Of course today had to follow suit with the internet screwing up and needing to be reset leaving me off  for another morning. Thank you Universe for knowing that I needed a few more curve balls added to my daily life. Little did the Universe know that I am a Home Run Hitter!!

So, yes! Friday truly can be Fabulous!

Travis made the kids breakfast and did some of my daily chores so that I could write after the kids were off to school.

I not only got a work out in, I got two workouts in! Feeling pumped and energetic!

Today Delylah is having her first sleep over. She’s not going somewhere (she can’t hang quite yet) but her friend is coming here and she is so excited!

My dad is still here! The kids are loving their time with Papa. Talks at dinner, watching movies and driving each other crazy!

I dyed my hair blue yesterday. I didn’t bleach it because I was going for a specific look and really don’t want to bleach my hair again. I have these lovely silvery greys in the front that took the blue beautifully and the blue darkened up my brown and shows amazingly in the sunlight. I love the way it came out! You can’t really tell in pictures so you’ll have to come visit if you want to see it!

I didn’t shave my legs when I showered and woke up to cold weather. Someone was looking out knowing I’d need to cover those gorilla legs up!

Friday hasn’t been going on very long for us, about 4 hours so far and while it started out crappy it has turned itself around and proved its worth. Let’s hope it continues it’s path of awesomeness and the kids come home with marvelous attitudes!

Happy Friday My Friends


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