Calming Drama

As the craziness begins I feel calm. I trust that everything will turn out just as it is supposed to. My time right now is definitely filled with sitting on the computer and phone a lot, finishing Levi’s schooling (which unfortunately is taking a lot of time since it’s testing and we have to drive down the hill everyday), packing, cleaning, searching for papers and trips to the bank. I might be the only one here that is woo-sahing and taking it all as it comes.

Yesterday, after driving to the bank and getting all of Levi’s math done for the year (YAY) we pick up Delylah from school and she immediately wants to begin packing her room. It’s a good thing too because she has not wanted to pack and she happens to have a ton of stuff. Packing for her means putting a couple of things in a box and that’s it. 2 boxes and she’s done. How can she possibly live without her belongings for any lengthy period of time? This is going to kill her. She breaks down crying because “she” packed all her stuffed animals and what if she needs one. Really? She won’t pack any baby dolls or barbies or anything else really. Levi’s room is almost completely packed! He didn’t whine, complain or ask for anything back. She is my very dramatic girl right now. Crying at school because she doesn’t want to move. Then super excited we are moving. She’s going to be a rough teenager!

Levi has been perplexed about the move but that is only because we happen to be moving basically on his birthday. What can ya do? We are making plans to have his birthday 2 weeks prior and that seems to be helping. Of course every kind of party he wants is super expensive and it happens to be memorial weekend that weekend. Awesome! Wherever we go, whatever we do, it is sure to be crowded. So FUN!!!

For now, I will continue working on keeping everyone’s spirits up! Staying positive and sharing my positivity like wild fire!

Happy Tuesday


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