Busy, Emotional and Keeping It All Together

My week has been a hell of a busy one!

It started out pretty awesome on Monday as I was getting ready to do some science experiments with Levi for home school. We were making a calorimeter and then using it and also creating heat with different substances. If he wasn’t excited, he should have been. I was! But then my day turned into a chaotic mess of emotions and being there for the people I love. My brother and sister in law are going through tough times and needed my help. I scooped up my kids and my sister in law and spent the entire day in the ER with her. To no avail though. Sometimes doctors can be so aggravating. She got no answers and I know felt worse when we left.

The next day was Delylahs very first field trip! Another day that started out with high excitement! She had her first bus ride with her buddies and Levi and I drove separate! He had to deal with me singing loudly and waving at strangers staring at me for my loud singing! But the excitement would soon turn to mourning. As we are walking on the field trip I get a call that my grandmother had a heart attack. I ask a million questions that no one has the answers to and want to leave immediately but my family is telling me to stay. I pull my kids aside at lunch and tell them what has happened. A look of sadness washes over them but they have been through this before. Staying and letting them enjoy themselves would be the best thing I could do. For all of us! My day was very long!! After the field trip my kids had karate and that’s when it all hit Delylah. It had been a long day for all of us and it was time to go home.

My week is not over! My husband came home early and I left to be with my grandpa and family on Wednesday. We began going through my grandmothers things and reminiscing about all the good times and quirky things she did. It was so good to laugh with everyone about grandmas silly ways and look through years of photos with my cousins. It was a full day of emotions and getting things done.

I came home to get the last few days of school in with Levi before I came back to my moms for services for the weekend and my pig had babies! Finally! Something we have been waiting for forever! 9 babies! She is such a good mama and I know I don’t have to worry about them. Finally, something I don’t have to worry about taking care of! She won’t even let me touch them. She is very protective of them and would bite us if we even tried to touch them!

Today we finish up some school, pack up and head out for a long, emotional weekend. It will be filled with family, sadness, laughter and love. My grandma was a big part of so many lives and we will not be saying good bye, we will be saying we miss you until we see you again.


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