Busy, As Usual

Spent the day yesterday shopping with my love. Buying things we didn’t necessarily need but that we wanted and got great deals on. Finishing up some Christmas shopping as well. It was nice just to peruse the stores together with no hurry or care in the world! I am excited for Christmas but I am also excited for it to be over! To be able to put the damn elf away and not have to hide presents. This is our first Christmas in Texas and it already feels weird not seeing our people/family and doing our normal traditions.

We had our friends over last night. Between being sick and on the go all the time, we don’t see anyone all that much (not that we have tons of friends here yet) and we were over due for a fun night of movies, coloring and play time. It was definitely a fun night.

Next week is the kids last week and then they are on Christmas break. Although I have a lot of wrapping to do, I can not wait for their break! No more 5 am wake ups and getting them out the door on time. Just time spent together and fun! Travis will be home for at least half of that time too. School life has been hectic. Not with Delylah but for Levi. Staying on top of him to make sure he doesn’t fail a class. Going over his work and having him correct graded papers to get a better grade. It’s a daily struggle but he knows it’s worth it and I love that!

At this moment all I can think about is what needs to be done before we leave tonight. It’s quite the list! I know I can get it all done and well before it’s time for us to go. But right now it seems like I will be busy all day! That’s what I get for waiting until the last minute.

But it’s Friday and that is a fabulous thing!!!

Happy Friday My Friends


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