Burnt Out And Happy!

Getting back from traveling has me and the kids exhausted! It’s a little after 7pm and they both asked if they could go to bed! Fine by me! We didn’t get much sleep on our little trip!

We left Friday night to head to California, see some family and then head to the Christmas party in Arizona. We ended up traveling probably more than we got to visit. Leaving Texas at 9:30pm, arriving in California at 11 with a 2 hour drive still. Waking up at 6 to drive another 5 hours to party with family, stay up late and make more awesome memories! Waking up again at 6 am to drive the 5 hour drive back and hang with some of our best friends! Another late night and a 2:30am wake up to head back to the airport and Texas. I have got to say, my kids are troopers! I knew it was going to be quite the trip and they handled it so well!

And I got to see and smother my marvelous nephew again!

We are happy to be home and anxiously awaiting their Christmas break! This week brings Levi’s exams and Delylah’s Christmas party at school that I am volunteering at. While I am looking forward to that, I can’t wait to not have 5 am wake ups!

This is my last week to get any last minute Christmas shopping done while they are at school. Thankfully, I only have to get stocking stuffers and then I am completely done! It feels so good!

Happy Monday Evening My Friends


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