Well, it is that time of year again. The kids are out of school and summer time has commenced. I usually plan fun things that cost me an arm and a leg over summer but not this year. With the move and leaving everyone we love behind, we won’t have anyone to do those things with anyways. As I was thinking about our summer break, I thought why can’t it be like when I was a kid? No one was worried about how much food and drinks were brought to the pool. There wasn’t video games being played everyday or at all. We were outside, having fun! This year we are going to pretend we are back in the 1980’s! What a fun summer it will be.

 We are going to go roller skating or buy our own skates! Being at the local rink for 12 straight hours, only stopping to drink a Shasta and grab a new piece of Fruit Stripe gum. Music? I got a playlist already loaded on your iPod. Yes, it’s entirely possible to skate that long with only Donna Summer in your ears. Trust me hot stuff!

Ride your bike down to the creek. (We will be able to do this where we are moving) No, I don’t need to perform a  bacteria check of the water before wading in. And no, I’m not loading up a cooler with cold pressed juices, 10 different types crackers, popsicles and 50 plastic sinking swim rings, then schlepping it down to the neighborhood “pool” with the 70 foot slide, splash pad, lazy river, and smoothie bar. Toys? Catch a tadpole and some lizards. It’s swim toys and today’s ecosystem lesson all rolled into one. Win-win!

Here is a hula hoop, a frisbee, a jump rope, and a pogo stick. None of them needs to be charged to play with. No, I will not be taking pictures or videos of you playing. You don’t need an audience for everything. Just. Go. Play.

Street Lights? See ‘em? Come back home only when they turn ON. (We will be living where this is applicable)   No, I am not GPS tracking you, texting you, or having SIRI send you a reminder of when to come home. Just watch the lights, kids. ON=COME HOME.

 Go Get Dirty! It’s totally OK and honestly, I 100% expect that you return home completely FILTHY at day’s end. Go ahead and take that mini bottle of cherry blossom-scented antibacterial gel out of your pocket. See your neck? When there is a ring of actual black dirt wrapped around it like a pearl necklace, you’ve had a great day!

 What’s for dinner? The Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook. This is how you learn to cook. Not 24 hours a day of chefs cooking on TV. Not your mom preparing every single meal you eat. Just you, Betty and a can of cream of mushroom soup. I’ll expect chicken Tetrazzini at 6 o’clock sharp. Thanks kids.

For the next two months, bath time will only be taking place outside and during a rainstorm. Just stand under where the roof gutter pours out the overflow and lather up. Here’s a bottle of Purell and a bar of soap.

 Make a real and true lemonade stand. No, I am not building it, hauling it, or helping you create signs, a website, a hashtag, a tweet, a Vine video, or a Facebook page for it. I will, however, drive you to Kmart for powered lemonade in a can, Dixie cups and a piece of yellow poster board. The first person who stops and asks you for a business permit – send them to my door. Bring it on.

 Try to sit still. Have no plans. No appointments. No schedule. No agenda. No charts. No lists. No itinerary. And have it that way All. Summer. Long. Embrace your 1980s summer, because being a grown-up? Well, it will be here before you can even imagine. I pinky swear.

Happy Summer!



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One thought on “BRINGING BACK A 1980’S SUMMER

  1. Love this article! Would love for my kids to have a 1980s summer as well. They will have their 1st lemonade stand of the summer tomorrow – all prepared by the kiddos!

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