Break From School Madness

When my kids are good, they are soo good. Which happens to be most of the time. But when they are going on day 14 of vacation from school and still have 4 more days to go, things begin to get a little tense. I notice though, that the way they fight and bicker is much like the way my brothers and I fought when we were young. I laugh on the inside but am annoyed as all hell on the outside by this. They do it on purpose to the other one, just because they can. For example-

“I’m not touching you”, while holding their finger right up to the others face but not touching. Repeating it endlessly until it drives me crazy!

Actually touching each other. “He touched me first,” “No, she touched me first.” It’s an endless cycle and battle I will never win. Most of the time, I just let it happen until someone gets hurt. Then they deal with the consequences. Which they know, so why do they do it?

Take the thing the other wants most, knowing they are looking for it and run off to play with it. Then the touching, more like hitting, ensues to get back what is rightfully theirs.

Not let the other one play the game or whatever it is because they started first or they’re in the middle of something. Countless times my brothers wouldn’t let me play something because they had already started or thought I’d mess up their game because I wasn’t good enough. Levi does that to his sister constantly.

Try to be sneaky to scare the life out of the other one. Wait behind a corner, under a bed and come out when the other least expects it, shouting. It usually always works and the scared child usually ends up crying and mad!

Since we seem to be having this “never-ending break,” we have seen a lot of this. For the most part, there has been more getting along than not but I still see me and brothers fighting when my kids start to do it. It has also shown me the hell we will be enduring when Delylah is a teenager. That girl has some major attitude! Yikes!

How do your kids get along while on break from school?


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