Tomorrow is my down and out day. It’s surgery day.

I remember the day I had my breast augmentation 9 years ago. One of my best friends at the time took me and Levi was 2 so he stayed with daddy. We had to be there at 5:45 in the morning for a surgery that would last 40 minutes or so. I was not nervous. I was ready to go from flat as a board to at least something. I did not get large breast implants. I never wanted humongous breasts. I just wanted something. Travis on the other hand, didn’t care. This was not for him. It was for myself.

My friend walked me in, I signed more of my life away and went in the back while she waited. The doc drew on my chest to show me exactly what he would be doing (like I cared, I wouldn’t be awake) and then the nurses began my IV and drugs. All of a sudden, I was done. Waking up with a very tight feeling chest and the doc telling me how successful it was. I asked for my friend to come on back. When I was able, I got dressed and we left. Easy Peasy.

As soon as we left, I asked if she could take me to Starbucks. I was feeling good. My chest didn’t hurt as bad as I imagined and I was happy. I went to stay with my dad for a few days since Levi was so little. I couldn’t be picking him up or doing a lot. I watched movies, I did clean up my dads place a little each day (I can not sit still) and Travis would come over to help me wash. It was hard to lift my arms up as everything was so tight still and it was nice to have help from all of my loved ones. I remember my surgery and recovery going very smooth and not hurting nearly as much as other women.

This time I think will be different. I am not just getting breast implants. They are cutting scar tissue and whatever infection may have started, out. They don’t know the full extent of any damage until they are inside. Then putting in new implants. I still can’t imagine it being extremely terrible but it is “the unknown.” I will happy to have the symptoms that I have right now disappear. My stomach surgery last year was an easy recovery as well. I am hoping my body just continues with that streak of healing well! Either way, I have Travis home to help me. My kids are far more self-sufficient then the last time and understand so much more than people give them credit for. With the love and support from them, I will be just fine!

4 am wake up tomorrow! It will be a great day!

Happy Thursday My Friends



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2 thoughts on “BOOBS

  1. Well I’m praying all goes well for you. I want you to know I so appreciate your blog, it makes it seem like you are still close. I know I don’t see you that much much I read your blog even day. You are very special. I called your dad but got no response so I left a message. As of yet I have not heard from him. Hopefully he is not lonely with the boys up there. Love you all ,Aunt Donna

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