Blood Tests And Smiles. They Go Together Right?

Yesterday, Delylah and I spent half of our day at the doctors and doing blood work. I didn’t know it was going to end up being such a process for a follow-up but I should have guessed it. Nothing has ever just gone smoothly with Delylah’s health. Last month they did her allergy test and she had to get off all of her meds for a few days to do the testing. Doing that got her sick. Just a couple of days without her meds, let her sinuses drain so much it caused an infection. We put her back on her meds right after the test, began the Neti-Pot and have been waiting for everything to run its course. It’s not. Yesterday the doc asked to put her on antibiotics and I refused. She was just recently on antibiotics and her body has a high tolerance for them and is allergic to some of them already. So, the doc asked if we could do an Immunoglobulins Test. A blood test that would check her immune system. I had never even heard of this before so I began to look it up. Of course it makes sense after I look it up. It’s the same type of blood test they use to for autoimmune diseases and any deficiency in the body. I was all for this and wondered why no one had mentioned this sooner. This girl has been super sick for years! We should be getting the results back soon and good or bad, possibly changing her meds and seeing another specialist.

I took her shopping after her blood test. What 7-year-old enjoys giving blood? Certainly not mine. She got to do some retail therapy. She really just enjoyed sending creepy gnome snap chats to my Aunt Sally and sitting in all the furniture at the store. But she did finally pick out a full length mirror so she could check herself out when she dresses in crazy outfits and a hummingbird feeder. She had quite the morning, so she deserved it!

When we got home our boys were busy building a green house. They had been working hard all day and it was time for a break. We spread out a blanket, made some sandwiches and had a lovely picnic in the backyard with the sunshine and the bugs!

I am hoping for some warmer weather but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen until Spring Break is over! The school year has gone by like a flash of lightning this year! Only 49 days left of school! It’s crazy!

The rest of Spring Break consists of winging it. Maybe some pottery. An art class. Painting the inside of the fence maybe…A video game tournament where I get beat by both of my kids. Some friendly soccer in the back yard, along with some archery and Ice Cream for Dinner! Sounds like a fun time to me. As long as we don’t have to give any more blood or get any more shots, I think the kids will have a good time too!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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