Blog Or Book? Can I Do It All?

There is a big difference between writing a blog and writing a book. Someday I’d like to write a book but at this point I know I’m not a good enough writer to do that. Maybe I should take a class??? Maybe…

Writing a blog just takes a thought. I take that thought and it progresses with details. Kind of like a book, only with far less words and the grammar and punctuation doesn’t always have to be precise. I recently saw it put “Graffiti with Punctuation,” is what blogging is. I like it. Sort of laid back.

Books have thousands upon thousands of words. Grammar, punctuation and capitalization must be correct and there is really no room for error. It is a much more sophisticated writing style.

A blog takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour depending on the content and descriptions or pictures I want to use. A book takes 1 year, 2 years, 3 years….YEARS! What I’m really looking for is instant gratification when I get to push that publish button and know that my readers are reading it….or thinking “Another blog from that crazy lady.” Either way, it’s all in a days work.

Getting a book published can be a lengthy process and has a precise structure. Re-reading. Re-writing. Creative conceptualization.

With my blog I get to interact with my readers. I get emails daily and have ended up having email/inter-blogging friendships because of it. After publishing a book, how many of the people at a book signing are going to be my friend? Or how many people who even read that book would want to be my friend after all my hard work?

Writing a blog is like being the head guru in my band of hippies. Which I happen to love. My readers are looking for my updates or my BS, whatever really happens to come first. Writing a book would isolate me into a hermit in the middle of the desert trying to pump out the pages for only one person to read….an editor. Who may or may not like it and will certainly be looking for me to make corrections.

Blogging forces you to write. You know you have readers anticipating your next post. They have subscribed. They follow you. They email you periodically and ask you about your family. With a book, there is nothing making you do it. It’s a choice. A choice to sit, and write. For someone who gives no shits about your family or when you finish.

I would someday love to immerse myself in the writings of some fictional greatness. Not just reading it but actually writing it. Not just a children’s book or quirky How-To book. For now I’m going to stick with being the head guru of my band of hippies writing my graffiti all over the inter webs getting instant gratification!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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