Bits and Pieces Of Vacation

While on vacation I didn’t blog and I must say that it was kind of nice but it has been hard getting back into the swing of things. It’s summer vacation and I’m still on vacation mode!

Vacation was amazingly exhausting! That is just how we do vacations.

5,317 miles and 100 hours in the car.

My car smells like fart, dog and rotten food. We have been back for 4 days and I haven’t bothered to clean out my car, afraid of what I will find. I am thinking that I will get to it today though! Maybe….

We started our vacation driving 16 hours just so we could get out of Texas and closer to our first major destination. Moab, Utah. We stayed the night in New Mexico and were pretty close to the Four Corners so we decided to check it out. It’s not a place I would rave about stopping. We paid to stop there and all we wanted was a picture. The natives are there and they are all selling the same things. The bathrooms are out-of-order and pets are not allowed. We stopped, we took a picture, we left. Moab was our destination of hiking, camping, white water rafting and being together! It was amazing! Canyonlands, Arches and the Colorado River! I wish I could have gotten a photo of the stars. They were so bright and beautiful!




We headed to see family after in Utah and then in Idaho stopping along the way to see some amazing waterfalls!

After that we headed back down to Nevada and California to visit more family and friends.

We left our hearts back in California but headed on to New Mexico once again and adventured through the Carlsbad Caverns.

We are glad to be home just because we were up super late every night and then up early every morning. We were tired and needed the sleep. It was hard to drive away from our hometown once again. Not everyone is able to go on such amazing road trips and we could have just gone to California for 3 weeks but decided to see things and other family we never have. I’m glad we did. The memories and stories we have to tell will last a lifetime.

It’s back to normal for a short time and then we head to Louisiana for a short weekend getaway! I guess we just can’t stay put!

Happy Thursday My Friends!

It’s good to be back!


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