Birthday Weekend Madness!

I sure had a weekend that I will never forget! Thanks to good friends, good times and good wine!

It all started with a hike.

3 sisters

A hike that we probably shouldn’t have taken kids on that were under 8 years old but we crazy people did anyways. With three kids that were 5 or 6 and 4 kids that were 8-10 we trekked on over to Julian and drove for what seemed like forever until we arrived at our hiking destination. Three Sisters Falls. When you look it up online it says it is a strenuous hike with ledges that are straight down and ropes for repelling to help you get up and down these steep parts of the mountain. Yes, we took the kids up and down these ropes. Yes, it was hard! You get to the bottom and the water is running and thank goodness it’s cold! The waterfalls are beautiful and make water holes for swimming in. Fun was had by all! It would be very fun to do it with no kids, take our time at the bottom and not have to help anyone but ourselves get up and down. Someday we might do it again!

group hike hike

After the hike we get home to people at the house waiting for us to celebrate my birthday. After the hike we had, this wasn’t something we were stoked on and we had to wake up very early the next day (my actual birthday) for hot air ballooning. But we handled it and had a blast with our friends and family.


The next day came earlier than expected but we were super stoked on hot air ballooning! Getting up at 4:45 wasn’t ideal but it was worth it! The views from the sky were breath taking! The day was clear and the weather was beautiful. The champagne toast at the end was the beginning of the drunken madness that would soon begin hopping from winery to winery with hardly any food in our bellies!

balloon ride 10491163_1246395592055364_4153218478493914603_n 561451_1246395538722036_1381215127309015716_n

We endured and tasted all of our alloted wines at every winery that would allow us in. The day was a great one that I will remember forever! Drunk, sometimes maddening, hilarious and spent with people I adore!


1688770_1246395375388719_7085430711708673483_n birthday

The best part of all was arriving at home to see my beautiful baby girl had learned to ride her bike with no training wheels!

no training wheels

Another birthday gone. Another year that my grandma couldn’t physically spend her birthday with me but I was in the sky and she was right beside me! Every where we went someone had an elephant pin or shirt or some elephant something. She was with me on our birthday and I know she had just as good a time as I had!


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