Birthday Party Madness

Over the weekend we had a party for Delylahs 8th Birthday. Her actual birthday was the 17th and we did celebrate when the family was here for our late Christmas party but we apparently like to keep Birthday’s going all month-long in this house.

When we celebrated with family I made a Barbie cake like my Grandma had always made for my cousins and I when we were little girls. It was a hit!

Really, I tried to talk her out of having a party this year but she was not having it. I knew we were going to Monster Jam the same weekend she wanted to have a party and tried to use that as leverage but she had her mind made up. She had decided on a theme months ago and she was not budging.

Saturday night before her party we headed to Monster Jam with Papa.

 Lucky for me, it was all fairly easy. She is all about the Emoji Craze, as is every other kid her age. Travis and I hand-made her piñata. I made 1 easy game, pin the smile on the Emoji, and bought the decor on Amazon.

I had almost all the food already and only needed to buy a couple of things plus make the cupcakes. I think this was the easiest, most stress free birthday party we ever had. And can I just say, this girl has got a lot of friends! I gave her a stack of invites 4 days before the party to hand out at school and almost everyone she gave them to attended the party.

Her party was a hit and all the kids had a great time. We even brought out her bestie from California for a little fun! That cardboard cut out of him is still going strong! I have been writing these Chalkboards every year for her birthday and they have taken a photo in front of it every year they were together. I continue that tradition, although she should have held him up a little higher this year.

Now the birthday month is coming to an end. I can finally take all the Emoji decorations down and get ready for the month of Love and Appreciation!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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