Big Plans….Or Maybe Not

The holidays are over for us and I am excited to get back to normal. New Years just doesn’t count for us this year. Travis has to work and all the friends we have made are busy. Which is all perfectly fine with me actually. I am holiday partied out. All this eating and drinking with no working out has got me bloated and my house out of sorts! I want to start the projects that I have wanted to start since we moved in and get my house and yard back to how I like it! There is no better way to bring in the new year!
The kids still have one more week off school. I have definitely been enjoying their time off and not getting up at 5 am but damn these kids can cop some major attitudes. Not with me, but with each other. They have that sibling love like no other lately. Nothing like the holidays to bring out the love in the house. Today I will be keeping them busy helping me in the house and out in the yard. (Levi’s favorite thing to do)
I am going to love hearing them get upset while shooting their bows and picking up dog poo. All the while, I am the one really doing the hard work. Such is the life of being a parent.
How are you bringing in the new year?


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