Better Than I Thought It Would Be

The first week of school went better than I expected! Everyday the kids came home extremely happy about their school day and eager to share with me all of the goings on that took place that day!

When I took Levi to walk his school and get his locker figured out he mentioned that he hated science and was not thrilled to have it at the end of the day. Since school started that happens to be his favorite class and his favorite teacher! He can’t wait to begin using the lab! I thought he was going to dislike Language Arts. He is a terrible writer. But at this present moment, he enjoys all his classes and has told me that he LIKES school! He actually LIKES it! That is amazing! Oddly enough, all of Levi’s teachers (except his gym teacher) are women! He does well with a woman teacher because he is a mamas boy. There was only one year that a woman teacher wasn’t good for him but because she wasn’t a caring teacher. That was just another life lesson for him and us.

Delylah also has a woman teacher. It is her teachers first year teaching! She just graduated and did her training this spring. She is a young, fresh face that Delylah loves! Delylah wakes up everyday excited to go school and excited to ride the bus! She really likes her bus driver too! She is a cute little old lady and picks the kids up right across the street from the house. Delylah riding the bus makes me nervous but she loves it!

They don’t have common core teaching here. I think that is a big part as to why Levi likes it so much. He is less confused. I am just thrilled by this first week and both kids reactions to their new schools. I believe it is going to be a fantastic first school year here in Texas!

Waking up this fine Saturday morning at 7 instead of 5 was pretty awesome too!

Happy Saturday My Friends



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One thought on “Better Than I Thought It Would Be

  1. Winter, my heart is so happy that you and the Kiddo’s are getting comfortable in your new surroundings. I love that they have enjoyed their first week of school, that is such a Blessing.

    Thank you for taking time to share your journey with us all. It is truly inspiring.

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