Before A Play Date

We are heading to a play date/birthday party today. There are always things I tell my kids before we get together with other kids. Not that they listen to said advice, but I know I told them and can hold it against them while I remind them of our conversation.

Be nice and speak nice. Just be nice period. It doesn’t matter if the other kids aren’t being nice, you still be nice and if you never want to go back, we never have to!

If you don’t like the food they are offering, just say “No Thank You.” Don’t say “EEWWWWW I don’t like that, It’s so gross.” A simple No Thank You will be fine. This goes along with being nice.

Remember to flush the toilet. No one wants to see the color of your poop or have the knowledge that you failed to wipe. Just flush.

NO FIGHTING! With each other or your new friends. Again, goes with being nice and if you find that you don’t get along enough to play, we never have to go back! But you will be on your best behavior while there!

Please and Thank You go a long way and make me look good. Use those words!

Follow their rules. They are different from ours and we are at their house.

I don’t tell them all of these every single time we have a play date. They know them by now. A small reminder before we get there is all we need. I have kept it fairly simple too. I have found that one of the most important ones is that if they don’t get along with the other kids, we never have to go back! I will not make them play with other kids that they don’t get along with. That’s dumb. I choose my friends very wisely as an adult and they should too. But they still need to be nice and remember their manners.

We head out to a play date/birthday party in just a bit, I’m hoping for nice words and kind ways!

Happy Saturday My Friends



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