Been Hittin It Hard

Yes, I’ve been hittin’ it hard and I don’t mean the booze!
The ranch has been getting some much needed attention since being gone on our vacations! The horse has been getting worked almost everyday. I haven’t had the chance to ride him yet with no one around to watch my minions but Travis will be home Wednesday and I’ll be able to get a few days in on the horse before he goes back to work! I am looking forward to getting back on my stubborn jack ass of a horse!
The garden is producing vegetables and the kids and I are outside everyday pulling weeds and picking fresh veggies! Yummy!
My flower gardens look just as good as my food garden! I’m so happy we decided to plant so many all around the house even though it’s a lot of work sometimes. Being able to go pick my own fresh flowers for my house  feels rewarding and is fun for the kids.
The new chickens (since the massacre) are finally laying! Well some of them, we have 34 chickens and 6 ducks and we are only getting 4 eggs a day. When production picks up we will have eggs coming out of our ears!
Mama pig is pregnant again! We should be having piglets in 6 weeks or so! Watching the last liter be born was pretty amazing! It was my first time and Delylah got to help. She was enthralled by it all! This time Levi will get to help! Such a good experience for them!
I’ve gotten my kids used to their routine and out of the habit of constantly watching t.v and playing video games. They have been doing learning time with minimal whining from Levi and deep down I think he enjoys it. We are spending time together. It may not be exactly what he wants to do but we are together, interacting and I make it as fun as possible!
A few posts ago I wrote how I wanted to be back to my pre surgery weight. I had been sitting around for 3 months due to doctors orders and eating whatever I want. (which I don’t normally do) With all the ranch work, working out every morning, making sure I drink at least 1 gallon of water everyday and eating clean (super clean) I have lost 5 pounds. My goal is to lose 10 pounds to be back to where I was. I know that this sounds dumb when you hear a girl say “I wanna lose 10 pounds” (in valley girl voice) but with that 10 pounds I can tell a difference in how my shorts and pants fit. The same size I have been wearing for YEARS all of sudden wasn’t going to fit me and I was NOT about to buy new clothes! So with determination and motivation I HIT IT HARD and am so happy to see results!
If you have a goal don’t give up!
If you want things done, Go out and do them!
Anything is possible!


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