Beat The Bully

This school year my daughter has been getting bullied by boys. You might say that means they have a crush on her or that they like her. I say it’s bull shit! First it was a different boy but recently it has been the same boy pushing her down, breaking her glasses and calling her names. She comes home crying and telling me all about it. The teacher does what he can and I’m sure this kid gets away with a lot at home or is maybe an only child. When Levi was in school he was bullied too. It’s so weird to me because when my kids are at home they definitely know how to use their voice/words or even their bodies when they need to. I know for a fact Delylah could handle it. She can hurt her brother!

My daughter is very emotional and that can sometimes make her a target. If kids know that she will cry easy or give up and not stand up for herself or not tell on them, they will pick on her.

Well I’ve had enough! She came home from school Friday with tore up pants from being pushed down, broken glasses and hurt feelings….yet again! So we had a talk about what  to do when and if this happens again.

Ignore- Try to ignore them the best you can and walk away. This doesn’t always work and they might follow you around because 5 yr old boys and girls are annoying. Just do your best.

Be Funny- If they are making fun of you or trying to take something from you be funny and sarcastic. If they try to take your lunch tell them your dog licked it but they can have it if they want. If they are calling you names, kindly (with a smile) say thank you and walk away.

Be LOUD- Use your Krav (karate). Put your hands up and yell ” BACK AWAY, YOU’RE TOO CLOSE.” The bully won’t like that you’re making a scene….just like a  predator. You’re calling attention to him.

Stay With A Pal-Bullies are less likely to be a bully if you are with a pal. And if they do you will have your buddy there to help back you up!

Get An Adult-Sometimes you need an adult. Get one and tattle the shit outta that kid!

Defend Yourself- Sometimes you have to defend yourself. This isn’t the first thing you do. You try the other things first and if you continue to get bullied (especially from the same damn kid) you defend yourself and you do it well! You make sure that the bully as well as any other bullies don’t want to mess with you again!

Hopefully what I have told her she will listen to. She doesn’t want to make a scene and she doesn’t want to tattle. She doesn’t want to be the one to get in trouble. I don’t want to see my daughter be a victim any more! If she continues to let it happen now I can only imagine what will happen when she gets older.

Put a stop to bullying!


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