Beaming At The Airport

During my travels I have found that people travelling are in a hurry, very sullen and easily frustrated, callous and almost no one has a smile on their face. Granted it was LAX, I was determined to keep a big smile on my face.

The line through security seemed to lengthen as minutes pass. Only the security technician seemed to get increasingly slower at their job. I watched as the people in line got irritated. We waited, to wait some more. Still I smiled. I finally had made my way to get my boarding pass scanned and with a big smile asked how the security techs morning was going. I offered him an apple and chit chatted for a good 10 minutes as the line failed to move forward. I was fine. Smiling. At the airport with plenty of time. I know I just have to wait more once I get through security, so I’m just embracing what I have no control over.

The children I saw were either quite pleased with themselves or very tired. Either way, they annoyed their parents. Which I got a good laugh from. I have traveled with my kids many times. Although I wasn’t traveling with them this time, I know what to do and bring to make it more pleasant for them and me. Why would you not do that? Still, I smiled as the little girl behind me swung her jacket around hitting me with it every so often. Her fidgeting really bothered her mom. The little boy in front of me who whined until his mom held him because like the rest of us, he probably had to get up very early and was extremely tired. She was tired too and appeared miserable in the long lines at security.

Once I make it through, I gather my things and find a bench to collect myself. Of course this gives me the opportunity to watch others. Still scurrying all around with scowls upon their faces. As if being unhappy is going to make any of this process go quicker.

I dilly dally on my way to my gate smiling and saying good morning to all the workers at the airport.

There was a time when I would be like those that I was observing. I loathed flying. It gave me a fright and my tolerance level for any sort of delay was a zero. The bar was my best friend at the airport along with the very friendly bar tender who knew the tip was going to be a generous one by how many double Grey Goose any things I had ordered and inhaled as quickly as possible. Needless to say, I no longer sit at the bar drinking to fly.

I have flown a lot since moving and come to like it. I don’t mind taking off my shoes, taking out my lap top or being body searched. Hey, it happens. Some of the best entertainment comes from people watching during the wait times through security, before boarding and then as soon as you board seeing who the first person is to get up and use the restroom as if we didn’t just have ample time to use the many that are located all over the airport.

Now I sit, happily in my home. The environment far less stressful. At this particular moment, silence. The kids are off to school and there are many things I could be doing. Collecting my thoughts not only sounded better, it feels better.

Next time you head to the airport, don’t forget to look around with a big smile on your face!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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