Be The One Who Smiles

98% of the time Travis doesn’t make it to school functions. Usually because he is at work or working on things at home. But more often than not, it’s because he is at work. (There is a point to this, trust me)

Today was the kids’ first day of school!

They go to different schools. They always will because of their age gap. 4 and a half years is longer than high school. Maybe they will see each other again in college.

Levi was up at 5 am and surprisingly chipper for him. He was dressed and ready to go. He had 2 breakfasts because he is a growing boy and out the door by 6:10 to catch the bus. (I can’t take them both to school) I now have a 7th grader!

Delylah was up at 6:15 dressed but crying about socks. (I knew she would cry about clothes) I was driving her to school though so we didn’t have to rush. We arrived to school at 7:50 and began the walk to find her class, yet again. She is now in 2nd grade!

It was during this walk that I noticed it. Without Travis with us. Just the 2 of us girls. She wasn’t holding my hand, we were walking side by side, chit chatting our way into school. The looks. The “you’re a single mom” looks. The “look how she’s dressed” looks. The “you can tell she doesn’t have a job” looks. The whispers….

The things these people (it wasn’t just women giving me these looks) don’t know is that I just don’t give a shit what they think of me. I was having a fantastic conversation with my daughter on her first day of school. I was dressed appropriately, which is not always the case for me. I was not in yoga pants. Who cares if I was? You can stare all you want at my style. It’s a mix between hippy and grunge. I was wearing some shorts with lace and flowers, a t-shirt with a hand throwing up a peace sign filled in with mandala and some old school, high top vans.

I never once stopped the conversation with my daughter to let these people get to me. Or let her know that people were looking at us.

I am dressed like I don’t have a job and you are in your heels, dress suit and appear to be frazzled. Which is OK. It’s hard to get your kids off to school when you have a schedule. But who is to say that I don’t have a schedule? I do have a job. My job at THAT moment required me to be right where I was. After I was done there my job required me to pay bills, clean the house and take care of things at home, including myself.

When I am going anywhere, with or without my kids, the last thing I am doing is accessing the people around me. I don’t care if they have a job or not. Or if they are half-naked or not, even if my kids are there. My kids know the difference between right and wrong and know how to be polite. Homeless, jobless, stripper, business person, stay at home parent. Be who you are and don’t be afraid of that because of the looks or whispers you receive.

Delylah and I had the best conversations this morning while other parents were busy accessing our situation. They missed out on their own children because they were too busy wrapped up into a world of what is beautiful and strong and right in their own minds. We are all beautiful and strong. If you are living your best life, you are living it right.

Don’t let other people get in the way of your happiness by their looks and whispers. Smile at them. Give them something to be happy about. Maybe that’s what they are missing.

I hope my kids will learn something good from me and my rambling.

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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One thought on “Be The One Who Smiles

  1. I love this! It definitely doesn’t matter what other people think. Those who speak about other negatively and give those looks are just miserable.

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