Today is another Beautiful day! If my positive attitude makes you gag, you’re welcome. There is no reason at all to be negative, no matter how terrible your day, weeks or life look! There is always something positive in each day. Things that make you happy if you just take a moment and maybe look at things differently.

This brings me to my Thankful Thursday Post!

My kids might whine, cry and complain. When I ask them to do something I get the grunt and sigh with complaints while the work is being done..sometimes. Other times they do whatever I ask with no complaints at all. I am ever so thankful and grateful for my kids!They have stepped up in my time of need. They might still whine and groan but without them, this recovery would be extremely hard!

We just got the window shades put on the east facing side of our house. The front side. What a difference it has made for the temperature of the house and how much the A/C unit turns on. With the 100° weather and 90% humidity, I am Thankful for our new window shades!

I am thankful for our health. While I am down and out because of surgery I am still healthy. I can get up and move. I can breathe easily. Delylah has had no allergy problems since we moved here. Levi’s meticulous tic of clearing his throat is subsiding. We are all healthy and have the ability to wake up every morning with no problems. Able to face each new day strong and happy!

As crazy as this will sound, coming from the small town of Anza, I am thankful we live 5 minutes from the store, Emergency center, gas station and everything else. During this time of recovery and not being able to do very much it is so nice to just go right down the road and pick up what I need. It always ends up being during traffic times of day but it’s still just that close!

 We have four toilets. While most would see the negative in this because someone has to clean all of those toilets, I love having four bathrooms. Lately my kids have been cleaning them anyways. Not doing the greatest job but they are clean. I have my own that I don’t have to share with kids, that stays clean anyways! And I have plenty of room for everyone to drop a deuce at the same time if need be! That’s pretty fantastic. No lines!

The things I am thankful for are sort of trivial and frankly are things you wouldn’t normally pay any mind too. I always like to stop and look at the bigger picture of whatever it is that my be happening in life. With busy lives, all the negative things happening in the world and sometimes to us, it gets hard to think there will ever be any good. When you just stop, take a nice deep breath and think about what really matters, it’s stupid, silly things like toilets and window shades that make you happy! Enjoy life!

Happy Thursday My Friends



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