Be Mindful

What is it they say about Monday?
Manic Monday? Motivation Monday? Meatless Monday?
I think I’m going to call it Mindful Monday.
conscious or aware of something
I did not wake up at 5 am in a panic to get the kids off to school. I didn’t feel rushed or worried. My body didn’t feel tired despite the fact that I had trouble falling asleep. My eyes were open and so was my heart.
Today I am aware. Aware of how my body feels and how my mind feels.
My digestive system is on the fritz again. I can taste the oregano oil I took with every breath I take. My breath is deep, long and open. I can hear it clearly. The ticking of the clock hasn’t stopped and the time is still wrong. I can time my breath with each passing tick. They match my heart beat. I am aware of it all.
The streets may be bustling with the busyness of a Monday morning but if you listen closely you can hear the squirrels in the trees above. You can see the bees finally leaving the hive looking for pollen. The sway of the branches in the wind as the leaves fall gracefully finding their new homes.
The air is fresh after the rain. The smell is sweet making body feel refreshed even after little sleep. Coffee may have helped that a little.
As I get ready for my day to begin I listen to the world around me. Not the busyness of it but the life, the love, the peace. It is easy to get caught up with the chaos and forget to be aware of what is really happening within. Take a moment to listen to your breath. What do you hear? If the answer is nothing, listen longer.
Happy Monday My Friends



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