Back To School, Back To Me

Today is my kids first day back to school after being home for 2-3 weeks. I was surprised at how amazing the morning went.
We had weeks of late nights and late mornings. Today was a 5 am wake up with nothing but smiles and good attitudes. I must be doing something right. And I am knocking on wood that this is not going to be short lived! Luckily, this week and next week are only 4 day school weeks with family here and Delylah’s Birthday. This coming weekend we are having a family Christmas Party with family coming into town. My dad is still here visiting and will be here for a while longer. Maybe that has something to do with the good attitudes. That and the copious amounts of candy he is giving them.
Not only is it back to school but it is back to swim for Levi. There was swim over the break but we didn’t attend like we should have. Instead we utilized the break like vacation and spent our time together. Maybe that’s why I have been blessed with this amazing morning of awesome attitudes! But swim will be good for Levi. Getting back into our normal routine will be good for all of us!
The weather is still quite brisk here and I don’t mind at all. My hair doesn’t turn into a fluff ball the second I step outside and I’m all for that! Plus, it feels like movie day every day.
The kids back in school, Levi back in swim, family coming into town for the weekend and Delylah’s birthday next week. I guess everyone will get back to their normal routine but me. I’ve got some things to accomplish before people start arriving. Like, maybe making sure they have clean sheets…..maybe. And making invites for Delylahs birthday party.
Today I am going back to yoga. I am leaving my dad to fend for himself for a few hours while I take care of me. If I can’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of anyone else.
Happy Tuesday My Friends


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