Back to Reality

It has been such a fun, relaxing little family vacation but we are on our way back to reality.

We spent our weekend between Pahrump with the family and Las Vegas with my best friend of 19 years!  Watching my kids play with their cousins that they only get to see maybe once or twice is year is so heartwarming. They play together so well, it’s like they’re best friends! Reminiscing and playing card games with the family while the kids play. My cousins and I being vulgar and loud and making the older ones wonder what the hell happened to us. Such great times!

However acquiring a puppy while on vacation was unexpected but has turned out to be so awesome. Of course I say no but daddy said yes and so the puppy was delivered that we had to schlep with us to Vegas because of course we couldn’t have acquired it on our way home. He is the friendliest, most obedient little dog ever. Delylah named him Jack. He is a Shorkie. A yorkie terrier, shitzu mix. So loving and intelligent. We are excited to get him home and settle him in to life on the ranch!

Being in Vegas with my best friend and her family is always so relaxing. Being friends for 19 years but not living by each other as adults we haven’t gotten to see each other as often as we like but when we do it’s like we’ve always  been with each other. Our kids seem to act the same way when I think about it. In all of our years being friends we had never enjoyed a meal just the 2 of us. Besides being in high school when I stole money from my mom and we got Carl’s Jr or just straight up jacked it. (we were bad kids….awesome but bad) It was so nice to sit with her and not have kids or husbands bothering us. No Offense guys. I think it should be something we do every time we see each other.

Being gone with my family and best friend I didn’t stress on whats wrong with me, or that my son will be homeschooled and we have a challenging new beginning approaching. What a wonderful time we all had! Soon we will arrive at home and have to ranch, clean and prepare for tomorrow.

Right now I think I’ll have another piece of chocolate and watch a road trip movie with the kids!


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3 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. I may have shed a tear or two. Love you guys so much! Can’t wait to see you all, including Jack, again!!!!

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