Back To Normal!

The day is finally here!

Back to school for the kids!

I have already enjoyed the routine of going to bed early last night and actually waking up at 5am. I know it means that life is about to get easier!

That would be the case if everyone slept last night. But of course, Delylah was up at 3 am in my room unable to sleep more. She finally fell asleep at 4:30 and that’s when it seemed like sleep was going to be so good for me. I knew I had to wake up soon so it didn’t happen how I had planned. That’s all okay though. Soon, they will both be up and off to school for the day while I accomplish tasks that I can’t seem to get done with them here. I may be a little tired but bed time is early now that school is back in session. It’s such a good feeling getting back on schedule!

That didn’t last. Delylah is already awake again. That poor child is going to have a rough day.

My day will be busy. The kids and I began re organizing their rooms and the loft yesterday. I know it seems like we do this a lot but I dislike clutter and keeping things that are un necessary. By that I mean, if you don’t touch it, play with it, use it or see it for a certain amount of time, it’s gotta go. I had the kids go through their own toys, clothes and video games and we have a nice few bags of donations! Today I will be finishing that task while fitting in my work out and cleaning up the house a bit before Travis comes home.

Then we get to pick out paint! We are finally going to finish the kitchen. In November he put the metal around my island (I posted a pic) and above my cabinets for my “farmhouse” look. Now the cabinets and walls need a fresh coat of paint, change the lighting and wa-laah! Kitchen will be done! Hopefully I can get all that done this week before he has to return to work.

Here is the kitchen before it’s painted with just the flashing. The walls are a greyish green (they will be a different color soon) and the cabinets are in serious need of love. Stay tuned for the finish look!

I’m also a little late on planning Delylahs birthday party. It’s coming so quickly. She will be 7 on the 17th! I’m hoping to get invites made today so she can hand some out tomorrow at school. It will be here before I know it. Not sure how ready I am to have a party without all my people but it must be done.

It kind of feels like Monday with the kids returning to school today but I’m gonna handle it like a boss!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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