Awards For Days

Levi’s sixth grade end of the year award assembly was like a high school graduation.

Every kid got an award whether it was for participation in an activity or function or A Honor Roll. When Levi told me they had to practice for awards I didn’t get it. After going yesterday, I see why.

The kids had to line up in Alphabetical order and every child was called up based on last name. I’d like to say I couldn’t believe it. But since we got to Texas, the schools and the people do things differently. You can see how thrilled Levi was that I was there and to be there himself. I got a front row seat too!

Levi got awards for Participation in the Turkey Trot Color Run, Intramural Football, Track Challenge and Field Day Bear Challenge. All of which he thought were dumb but things he did do. He may not realize it now but sometimes it feels good to be recognized for the not so big things you do. He may not be an all A student or have perfect attendance because we like to go places but he did those activities and he did them well. He should be proud! We are proud of him! Sixth grade has been a rough year for him. Moving to a new state, a new school and starting a new life all in the midst of puberty. He ended the year far better than the way he started and we are proud of him!

Today is Delylah’s awards assembly. I would like to assume that it won’t be like a graduation ceremony. It’s just First Grade. But I didn’t think Levi’s was going to be like it was so there is really no telling what we are in for.

So far, they don’t tell you what kind of awards, if any, your kid is going to receive. If they are getting A Honor Roll, you don’t know it. I didn’t know what Levi would be receiving, if anything and I don’t know what Delylah will be receiving. I find that a bit odd. I think parents would be more inclined to take the day off if they knew their kids were getting more than just participation awards. I would go anyways but I don’t have a job. Just another way Texas does things different.

I’m excited for this last week of school to be over. No more 5 am grumpiness. No more packing lunches that they may or may not eat. These awards assemblies are the beginning of the end!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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