August Brings Awesome Craziness!

August is a busy month for us and I like August because of that.

The kids start school this month! I dread waking up at 5am again but I can not wait for my kids to go back to school!

Travis turns 40 this month! He will be at work for his birthday but we will be celebrating it in style every where we can!

The family meets in Arizona for the annual River Regatta. As everyone gets older and moves away, fewer people seem to come every year or it’s different people every year. But being that close to my grandparents again is something I will never miss out on! We head out Wednesday for a fun, hot, crazy time together!

My mom also has a birthday this month. I’m pretty sure this year is the 29th Anniversary of her 28th birthday. 28 Forever!

The kids going back to school means I get to have a full schedule of Yoga! I am still going when I can but between Delylah’s surgery and our sporadic vacations, I can only fit sessions in here and there.

This year is the Big Solar Eclipse in August! My kids won’t be in school yet and we can make a fun adventure out of it!

Travis and I will get more time together once school starts. When school is in session, Travis and I have all day (when he’s home) to do whatever we want. Day dates, play hide the salami all over the house, skinny dip, ride the motorcycle. And it’s just us without having to worry about leaving the kids at home alone or getting a sitter. It will be nice to get more time together, it’s good for all of us!

August brings stress and craziness but also peace. Weird how it can all happen at once!

Happy Monday My Friends


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2 thoughts on “August Brings Awesome Craziness!

  1. The River Regatta sounds so fun! I am looking forward to the eclipse too. I don’t know how much I will be able to see from where I live, but I’m still excited!

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