Another Year Older!

Seven years ago today, at 10:36 pm, I gave birth to this beautiful, stubborn, opinionated free spirit!

Her last 6 birthdays!

I can not believe it has been seven years already and that my kids are getting older. The post I wrote last year on this day describes my journey of motherhood and re-reading it today had me feeling humble.  You can read it here →  Last Years Blog From This Day

Travis is at work today so we aren’t celebrating big. The house is decorated. I am making special breakfast this morning. She gets to have cupcakes at school with her class. After school she gets to open a present from her brother and we are having her favorite for dinner. Burritos!

Her birthday is a little different this year without the family and friends from back home but she is loved just the same!  Her party is this weekend and she has a couple of kids from school coming and a couple from the neighborhood. It definitely will be different from our giant parties back home. She is excited though and that’s what matters.

I just can’t believe how time has flown by and that I have a 7-year-old and an almost 12-year-old. It makes me feel old! I can only imagine how Travis feels. (Love you babe)

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful, Free Spirited Delylah! Maybe we will be able to sing you Happy Birthday this year!!!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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