Another Day

I woke up and my head hurts. It must be from Christmas and I haven’t done much for it yet. Or maybe it’s because I have kids….I’m willing to bet that’s what it is.

Unfortunately I don’t have time for my head to hurt. I have pigs to wrangle up, a yard to pick up, more christmas crap to get together, some cleaning (which is totally debatable), some baking and really I just want to park it on the couch and watch a movie with my kids which takes precedence over everything else as far as I’m concerned. Except one of them is still asleep so I guess that gives me time to do something before she wakes up….like blog.

I did get a lot of my christmas crafting and games done yesterday for my christmas party. It was fun to create and make a mess! Painted a picture, made a “Have you been Naughty or Nice” game and started making silverware sets. It doesn’t sound like a lot but each one was quite time consuming.

On a side note….while doing all of that yesterday I spotted our Gecko! He got out of his aquarium some time back and we searched all over for him to no avail. I figured a cat got him. But he’s ALIVE! Of course I couldn’t catch him so we have a rogue Gecko in the house eating insects and probably driving the cats nuts! Kinda cool knowing he’s still around.


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