Another Day of Traveling and Sight Seeing

Yesterday was a day of exploring and driving. Which meant arguing kids and wishing my van had a limo divider window!

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We left our hotel and headed up north to Legget California and the Redwood Forests. In Legget there is a drive thru tree that is man made and of course I wanted to check that out. We barely fit through the opening! It was pretty amazing to be able to drive through such an enormous tree and touch the inside of it. The kids couldn’t believe we were actually driving through a tree!

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We continued onto the Avenue of the Giants. Its only 31 miles long but you take it slow so you can take it all irn so it takes some time if you’re in a hurry. While on this stretch of the drive we stopped, hiked and had a little picnic lunch. It was beautiful! There just happened to be another drive thru tree. This one was not man made. This one happened to split on its own and was an even tighter fit than the first! At this little park they had little houses built from the Redwoods. They would make a pretty awesome play house!

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After this it was back on the road for quite some time trying to get to the Oregon Caves National Monument before they closed the tours down for the night. Of course we made it because I was driving! This place is hidden away down a terribly winding  road and kind of out of our way. Going in the cave for a 90 minute hike I maybe should not have done since I just had surgery and I was definitely feeling it by the time we were done but I would not have wanted to miss this! It was declared a Monument in 1909 but people had been going in the caves since the late 1800’s. It’s very cold in there. About 40 degrees and we were all in shorts! The kids really loved this part of the trip and this is something I would definitely do again when they are older. You have to be older to do the candle light tour or the tour that is more strenuous and you get to see other parts of the cave. Someday when they are of age to do that we will have to make our way back!

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Finally we made it to Grants Pass Oregon to stay the night. Where every hotel was booked up and we got the crappy end of the stick. A smoking room, blah, and a head ache but we saved some money!

Today we will be seeing a couple more things as we head on up north to my Aunts! First stop is Gravity Falls!


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