Another Day Of Awesomeness

Sometimes I wonder why I pack so much in. Especially after yesterday’s post. But then I remember…that’s who I am.

This morning all before 9:30 am I WILL have:

Cleaned up the house including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, dishes and that stupid cat box because I won’t have time later.

Finish laundry.

Fix the baby gate that locks the dog in the bar when it’s raining. He’s an ass hole and chewed through it and my carpets white!

Made a batch of cookies. I don’t even know why, it’s not needed.

Brought wood in for this morning and tomorrow. (my fires already going)

Fed and watered animals. (this one is done already)

Feed my kids…..since I kind of have to do that and get them ready.

Pack some snacks and waters because it is going to be one long ass day!

So I have to go get all this shit done in the next 2 hours and then my day will continue to be busy! What’s life without a little craziness?


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